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These are the sample job that I've done in the past :

· Replace kitchen sink.
· Replace bathroom drop in sink.
· Replace bathroom pedestal sink.
· Replace bathroom solid surface one piece sink top.
· Replace utility sink.
· Replace drain plumbing.
· Unclog sink with electric snake.
· Replace faucet.
· Replace shutoff valve.
· Replace supply tube.
· Replace tub diverter valve.
· Replace wall mounted tub faucet controls.
· Replace tub spout.
· Replace shower head.
· Repair leaky faucet.
· Replace existing tub or shower one piece molded unit.
· Cover existing tub and walls with a molded modular insert.
· Unclog tub or shower drain with electric snake.
· Replace old moldy caulk with new.
· Install standard by-pass or hinged tub or shower enclosure.
· Replace existing toilet.
· Replace toilet flange and re-install toilet in wood floor.
· Replace toilet flange and re-install toilet in concrete floor.
· Replace wax ring and re-install toilet.
· Replace tank guts.
· Unclog toilet with snake.

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we are offer plumbing services.We dealing with all minor plumbing repairs or services.
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