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Replace hardware.
Replace Hinges.
Replace door stop .
Replace existing pre hung door.
Replace slab door (only door) re-using all hardware off of original door.
Replace hardware on pocket doors
Replace pocket door slab using existing hardware.
Replace bi-fold closet doors.
Replace by-pass closet doors.
Cut off bottom of door for carpet clearance.
Stop squeaking .15 hrs.


Replace existing deadbolt
Replace existing hinges.
Replace existing door knob.
Replace existing peep hole.
Replace slab door.
Replace door trim .
Remove door & replace rotten wood and reinstall .
Replace storm/screen door.
Replace storm door closer.
Re-screen screen door.
Replace sliding glass doors with same size.
Replace sliding glass door rollers . for 4 rollers
Replace sliding glass door handle.
Re-screen sliding glass door screen.
Adjust sliding glass doors 0.5 hrs up to 2 doors
Install security locks on sliding glass doors .
Replace commercial door closer.
Replace sliding glass doors with French style doors to fit in the same size opening .
Replace sliding glass doors with French style doors and sidelights to fill larger size opening.
Replace weather stripping.
Replace glass in sliding glass door.
Replace glass in storm door.
Replace glass in wood door with wood stops.
Replace glass insert in fiberglass or steel door.
Install new deadbolt in door.
Install kick plate.
Install new peephole.
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